Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Hit the oilleak - the sheriff ride

Some work done on the policewagon, but to less time for posting - i have to catch it up!
But the last weekend i unfortunately had to change the crank shaft packing. Too much oil spilling after some miles on road squeezed me to that step. By the way the clutch release bearing stood also on my plan. And u know, the engine had to be went out, yes the second time, and i hop it´s the last one!!! Because of the fast changing of these parts i also had time for the rear brake. Changing the brake caliper on both sides because the first parts are custom made ones of an older year. But, and this are the bad news, the hand break doesn´t work till yet ... :-(  and beacuse of this no pics of the shit! But the good side, engine still work without oilleaking! :-)

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